Second Place in 2023 IASC Data Analysis Competition

Last update: 2023/03/31

Congratulations to Willie Cheng, Hengyuan Liu, Kathy Mo, Sida Tian, and Li Yuan for achieving 2nd place in the 2023 IASC Data Analysis Competition!


From International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC) official website:

Results of the IASC Data Analysis Competition 2023

The committee evaluated all competing posters, noted the overall high quality and relevance of the submissions, and decided to award the winning posters as follows:

1st place, including a travel grant (1500 EUR) and an invitation to submit their paper to the IASC's Journal of Data Science, Statistics, and Visualisation, is awarded to: Zoë-Mae Adams and Johané Nienkemper-Swanepoel (Stellenbosch University): Visualising opinions on the COVID-19 pandemic,

2nd place, including a travel grant (600 EUR) is awarded to Cheng, Weilin; Liu, Hengyuan; Mo, Kathy (UCDavis); Tian, Sida and Yuan, Li (University of Michigan): 2022-2023 H5N1 bird flu modeling and prediction in the United States,

3rd place, including a travel grant (400 EUR) is awarded to Marcelo Bourguignon (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte), Diego I. Gallardo (University of Atacama) and Helton Saulo (University of Brasília): A parametric quantile beta regression for modeling case fatality rates of COVID-19.

Next, the committee awards Honorable mention for a promising work of a starting research team to Stefanie Bienert and Christopher Patzanovsky (Hasselt University): New York City shooting incidents, a wicked challenge and Olalekan J. Akintande (University of Ibadan): Japa Syndrome: The new normal of abnormality in Nigeria.

All participants are cordially invited to attend the award ceremony at the World Statistical Congress. The details will be announced later.

We wish all participants a lot of success in their future work and congratulate the winners.

Ann Maharaj (Australia), Carlo Cavicchia (Italy), Christophe Croux (France), Jaromír Antoch (Czechia), Jürgen Symanzik (USA), Sugnet Lubbe (South Africa), and Zdeněk Hlávka (Czechia)

March 31st, 2023