Global Top 14% in AWS DeepRacer March 2024 Qualifier

Last update: 2024/04/06

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, two members of our organization, GitData, have excelled in the AWS DeepRacer March 2024 Qualifier. Hengyuan Liu and Li Yuan have achieved an impressive best score of 38.003 seconds, securing notable rankings in a fiercely competitive field.

DeepRacer Logo

Amidst the challenges of the race, Hengyuan Liu and Li Yuan have showcased their talent and expertise, ranking 28th out of 573 participants in the US, 51st out of 783 in North America, and an impressive 365th out of 2608 globally.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Hengyuan Liu and Li Yuan for their outstanding achievement, embodying GitData's commitment to excellence. Their success would not have been possible without the support and guidance provided by Leading AI, whose equipment and expertise have been invaluable in preparing our team for this competition.

The March 2024 Qualifier featured the challenging Vivalas Speedway track, where racers navigated hairpin turns and high-speed straightaways in a thrilling time trial format. From February 29 to March 31, participants competed for a coveted spot in the reinvent 2024 Heat qualification.

DeepRacer March 2024 Track

Once again, congratulations to Hengyuan Liu and Li Yuan for their remarkable performance, and a sincere thank you to Leading AI for their unwavering support. GitData continues to demonstrate its prowess in the global arena of AWS DeepRacer, fueled by innovation, teamwork, and dedication.