Global Top 2% in AWS DeepRacer April 2024 Qualifier

Last update: 2024/04/30

In a stunning demonstration of expertise and determination, two standout members of our organization, GitData, have soared to success in the AWS DeepRacer April 2024 Qualifier. Hengyuan Liu and Li Yuan have clinched an impressive top score of 14.708 seconds, securing commendable standings in a fiercely competitive environment.


Amidst the rigors of the race, Hengyuan Liu and Li Yuan have truly showcased their talents and mastery, claiming the 11th position out of 562 participants in the US, 14th out of 722 in North America, and a remarkable 44th out of 2107 globally.

We extend our sincerest congratulations to Hengyuan Liu and Li Yuan for their outstanding accomplishment, epitomizing GitData's dedication to excellence. Their triumph would not have been possible without the invaluable support and guidance provided by Leading AI, whose resources and expertise have been instrumental in preparing our team for this rigorous competition.

The April 2024 Qualifier featured the formidable Baja Turnpike track, characterized by its short, angular layout blending high-speed straightaways with challenging deceleration turns. From March 31 to April 30, participants vied for a coveted position in the reinvent 2024 Heat qualification.

DeepRacer April 2024 Track

Once more, hearty congratulations to Hengyuan Liu and Li Yuan for their exceptional performance, and heartfelt gratitude to Leading AI for their steadfast backing. GitData continues to showcase its prowess in the global AWS DeepRacer arena, driven by innovation, collaboration, and unwavering commitment.